The Way it Works

GeoCool® is the equally eco-friendly and safe system for cooling server rooms and computer centers. Conventional systems provide the cooling necessary in computer centers using expensive electric energy to power large air conditioning plants, causing considerable follow-up costs and discharging the waste heat into our atmosphere.
By contrast, our GeoCool® technology collects the cold where nature offers it to us: in depths of up to 150m. And since we designed the transfer of the cold to your computer center extremely efficiently, you can save up to 90% of energy costs – permanently safely and without endangering the environment. An anti-freezing fluid circulating in a closed circuit


is cooled down in the ground, arrives back at the surface well-tempered, passes through an air/water heat exchanger, and thus provides cooling air at an ideal temperature level for your servers. (During the process, the cooling air is warmed up and transfers this warmth back to the cooling fluid. On its way back down into the earth the fluid is cooled down again.) A control system we developed monitors all temperatures as well as all consumers in your server room in real time, automatically ensuring efficient operation. The innate redundancy which is standard in all GeoCool®-installations helps secure the high level of availability you need.